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1.What is TSSPDCL?

TSSPDCL is committed to serve the consumers at par with the latest technology and innovative ideas. It was incorporated under the AP Electricity Reform Act 1998 for the distribution of electricity to about 4.5 million consumers spread over seven districts, including the twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad.


2.What is Spot Billing?

We are committed to quality supply and correct meter reading. Under this direction, we have introduced the Spot Billing system. The meter reader will visit your place, record the meter reading, and issue the bill using a hand-held computer. The particulars of the meter reading are entered in the customers' pass books.


3. What is "Customer's Pass Book"?

Under the Spot Billing system, TSSPDCL will issue to all its customers pass books with their service connection numbers. The meter reader will enter your meter readings and other billing particulars into the pass book. This will ensure that you are billed accurately, and will help reduce billing-related complaints.


4. What is the prevailing Electricity Tariff?

Electricity Tariff,details provided in the home pages.


5.How can I pay the electricity bill?

Please see the payment options provided in the home page.


6.How can i get a new electricity connection, and what are the charges to be paid?

Applyfor an electricity connection through TSSPDCL's online application form. To know more about the charges to be paid, please contact the TSSPDCL's .Customer Service Centers You can also see under in the home pages.


7.Where can I send my complaints and suggestions?

You can contact Round the Clock Customer Service Centres Centralised ouble Call Centres (dial 155333).


8.How is power restoration prioritised after cyclones?

Restoration decisions are based on the number of customers served by a particular device. We restore power to devices serving the most customers first. The specific prioritization order is as follows:I.Feeders are restored first, as they typically serve 1500 - 3000 customers.II.Tap lines are restored next, as they typically serve 25 - 50 customers.


9.Why do a few customers have power, while their neighbors remain out?

ustomers in the same neighborhood may be served from separate feeders. These feeders may be more severely damaged than the ones serving their neighbours' homes.

NOTE: Not seeing a crew does not mean a customer's situation is not being addressed. In outage situations, crews are diligently working to cut trees and restore lines and it is sometimes the case that power can be restored to areas without customers actually seeing a crew. If you notice damage to the meter base, that damage must be repaired before TSSPDCL's line and service staff can restore power to the home. An electrician will be needed to make the repairs.

10. Why are customers experiencing momentary restoration, followed by another outage?

Crews have restored power repeatedly to some areas because trees and tree limbs continue falling into lines, causing wide fluctuations in the number of customers without power.

11. When will the power be back on?

That depends on the amount of damage sustained and current conditions. Field personnel must complete a damage assessment before any reliable estimate can be made.

12. While my lights are on, they're dim. What's causing this?

This may be an incidence of partial power. At this point, customers should unplug large/major appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, air conditioners, etc., as this could cause a power surge and result in another outage. Once lights are bright, indicating full power has been restored, it is safe to plug in major appliances.

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